domingo, 19 de junio de 2016

My mindset

The mindset is very important for all people. There are two types, growth mindset and fixed mindset. I am going to explain how our brain works when you have growth mindset.

My mindset is easy because I always want improve. I learn too new things every day I like remeber all things.

I am good at interpersonal because I really like talkwith other person. I have got a lotof friends and we tell our problem.

I am not good of logicaand mathematical but I like to put things into categories and I don´t liketo play number games.

So, I have got learn and practice a lot logical logical and mathematicalbut I know my problem and I  like improve.

Finally, I think that people works, gets good result. You have got choice to learn while you are happy
: ).

1 comentario:

  1. Interesting topic, Mª José.

    I like how you organise the information in parrapraphs.
    Some mistakes to correct:
    1. Want TO
    2. Like doING or Like TO do
    3. I learn too MANY things. Don´t you mean "a lot of things".
    4. to be (NOT) good AT
    5. You cannot write an adjective on its own: for example, you have to say: I am good at LOGICAL AND MATHEMATICAL ISSUES. Can you find a similar mistake in your writing?

    Good piece of work!


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